Most water utilities are local government agencies, either a special district or a city. Use this interactive map to find the water (and sanitation) districts near you. Look for job openings on their websites and on the four websites below, which are dedicated to water industry (BC Water News) and government jobs. Try job sites like, too — you might get lucky. Check sites every week for new job postings.

BC Water Jobs

Government Jobs


Jobs Available

How water utilities hire



Making a good first impression is critical, and you do it on your application and resume.

Make an impression

Align your skills with the job description — highlight the skills you have that matter most.

Completing projects and leading other people are valuable skills. If you have them, highlight them.

If you’re taking water technology courses, list the courses you have completed. 



Most utilities give job applicants a test to measure their math, reading and technical skills.

Pass the test

You need to study for this test.

Start by finding and reviewing the notes, quizzes and tests from your water technology courses, and know your math formulas.

Review, too, the materials you studied to prepare for your certification exam(s).



Interviewers want to see how you think and communicate. Explain your skills and accomplishments.

Ace the interview

Google “most common interview questions” and write two or three answers to each question. Writing your answers will help you remember them.

Practice your interview answers out loud in front of a mirror until you feel comfortable and can say each answer clearly.

Dress well. Business casual is ok.